February 5, 2019

Running Hugo the Hard Way(Hugo + DO Kubernetes + LetsEncrypt) - Part 2

If you’ve found this randomly, consider checking out Part 1 to see if this interests you. Okay, so we have all the dependencies in place. Let’s do this. Assuming you already have a static site, the next steps should be relatively straightforward. If this your first time with Hugo, check out the documentation here. pushd site # READ and MODIFY manifest.yaml # This will not work out of the box kubectl apply -f . ... Read more

February 4, 2019

OpenBR Development Container Image

After some prodding by a fellow nerd, I recently went back to a project I’d been working on a long(~5 years) time ago. You might know it from when I think I looked funnier -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61zQgaSqtWY Anyway, the world of packaging and deploying applications has moved forward quite a bit from then and to go along with it I created a Docker image with OpenBR packaged in. You shouldn’t have to worry about installing an outdated version of OpenCV. ... Read more

February 3, 2019

Running Hugo the Hard Way(Hugo + DO Kubernetes + LetsEncrypt) - Part 1

Note: This is definitely not the easiest way to serve static content on the web but we’ll be pedantic, mostly cause it’s fun. So I recently decided to move management of this site onto Kubernetes and I’d been meaning to try out DO’s Kubernetes offering and I have to say - it works great! In this post, we’ll look at a bunch of different things that will all come together to give us the development experience we might’ve come to expect in this new world. ... Read more

July 18, 2017

State of SSL- gov.in - 2017

Hello there After a conversation that started with visiting https://rtionline.gov.in, I was curious about how many gov.in domains were serving web content, and how many of those were serving web content securely? It turns out, not very many. Looking at all the 385 domains currently visible under gov.in, 245 respond to web(80) requests - 63% are webs. Of those, 78 attempt to use SSL - 32% attempt using SSL. Only 32 are available over SSL without any warnings - 41% use SSL correctly. ... Read more

July 4, 2017

Questions about Surveillance cameras in India

In this exercise we’ll look at some questions we can ask ourselves about surveillance cameras and how, in the absence of strong data protection laws for individuals, we could think about privacy for the people. These questions are best thought of as “How to annoy your local grocery store owner?” Does camera X need to be here? This one is simple. Look around. If you can see 4 cameras, there should be a good reason for all 4 to be there. ... Read more

June 28, 2017

Moving away from Tumblr

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided I no longer want to host kasisnu.com with Tumblr. I’m giving Hugo a try. This means no ads, https goodness, and the ability to write in markdown. The finer things in life.

June 8, 2017


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